Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Indiana Timber Buyers

9 West Timber Consulting is a full service timber buyer company.  Along with our consulting services, we offer landowner's the option to sell their timber. Nine West Timber buys and sells timber in all of Indiana.  The great Hoosier State is not only a great state for timber quality, but it is where we call home.
 Josh was born and raised in Indiana.  We know all too well the quality areas of timber land in Indiana. 

We practice sustainable forest management from our appreciation for the beauty of Indiana’s forests.  We strive to ensure the future beauty of  the forests for generations to come.

Indiana is one of the top 4 hardwood producing states in the U.S. We are actively growing more trees here than what is lost from natural disaster and harvesting.  Indiana is growing almost 3 times more timber than is being removed every year.   All of this is due to the hard work of the men and women of forest companies like Nine West timber.

Nine West is the premier standing timber buyer in the state of Indiana. We have worked with local and international buyers of timber products for many decades.  If you are looking for a timber buyer in Indiana, and have standing timber or logs to sell, give us a call @ 317-440-3490  or contact us online for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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