Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Indiana logger, Indiana logging company

9 West Timber & Consulting is a full scale hunting lease and forest consulting company. Although we serve the forest landowners and hunters of Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, and Iowa, our primary focus is marketing Indiana timber sales and Indiana hunting leases. We have been logging and buying standing timber in indiana for three generations. We also have a professional forester on staff who helps manage our clients timber farms. 9 West Timber only employees Certified Master Loggers who are fully trained in (BMPS) Best Management Practices. Give us a call at 317-440-3490.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sell White Oak Trees and Veneer in Indiana and Illinois

Selling white oak trees and veneer is a very important process when selling timber. 9 West Timber can buy these white oak timbers from you in the woods (when you sign a cut and measure contract) and then take them to our concentration yard in Whiteland, Indiana. At the yard, we sell these trees to the highest bidder. This assures you that you will receive the most money possible out of your valuable white oak trees and your white oak veneer. Bottom line, 9 West Timber can pay you top dollar for you white oak trees and white oak veneer in Indiana and Illinois. Give us a call @ 317-440-3490.


Sell Timber in Indiana and Illinois

Nine West Timber is a third generation family owned and operated timber company that buys and sells timber in Indiana and Illinois. We are truly a family owned and operated, we have only one person working for us who is not family. When we come to look at your timber, you will be dealing with Josh Cruse or Carah Cruse, the owners of the company. We have been buying and selling timber in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Illinois nearly 2 decades. We offer a real hands on approach to buying timber. We have strong beliefs, and even stronger family values which is what has helped us grow to were we are at today. As landowners themselves, Nine West Timber know the importance of treating each landowner uniquely. Give us a call @ 317-440-3490.